How to Order


In the majority of cases the procedure followed with our regular clients includes the following steps:

  1. An availability query from the client, preferably containing source files that are supposed to be translated.
  2. Our analysis and confirmation of availability. If necessary, the deadline is negotiated.
  3. A purchase order from the client. Usually no price negotiations are required, as the prices are already agreed in general terms and conditions of our cooperation.
  4. Translation and/or proofreading process using CAT tools. In the course of the translation some queries from us may be addressed to the client. With larger projects, the client is regularly updated about the progress made.
  5. After translation the target text is carefully checked.
  6. Acceptance of the translation/proofreading by the client. This is the time when the client is welcome to ask questions regarding the translation received.
  7. Our invoice.
  8. Payment by the client. We accept bank transfers in PLN, EUR and USD (our accounts are in the SEPA system) and PayPal.